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    5 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Lawn Care Professional

    Posted by: Wendy Komancheck on January 9, 2014

    hiring a lawn fertilizer companyYou can’t be too prepared when it comes to hiring a lawn care professional for your Cleveland or Columbus area property. You’re investing a lot of money and trust in someone, and you expect your lawn to be beautiful throughout the growing season.

    Here are five more things that you need to know before you sign a contract with a lawn care company:

    1. Your lawn care professional should send out a technician within 48 hours for a weed touch up: Remember from this month’s earlier blog that no lawn care service, worth its salt, can guarantee you a perfect lawn. Weeds happen. They’ll grow in almost any condition. Thus, a good lawn care company should be willing to visit your property between treatments to spot treat any weeds. Not only should this be done within 48 hours of your call, it should also be free of charge.

    2. Watch out for that special low, first application price: Who doesn’t love a bargain? Yet, when you get that door hanger or mailer in your mailbox for the $29.99 first application special, watch out, because the second one and onwards could cost you $75 per application. The purpose of this special price is not necessarily to save you money, but to draw you in to sign a contract.

    3. Remember: Landscape companies are the not the same as lawn care companies: You’re not going to hire your cardiologist to do Lasik surgery on your eyes. So, don’t hire a landscape company to take care of your lawn. Both landscapers and lawn care companies work with soil, plants, etc., but they’re specialists in different parts of the green business industry. And before you hire that lawn care specialist, make sure that the technicians, who will work on your property, are licensed and trained in lawn care.

    4. A reputable lawn care company provides you with education and advice: Remember the old saying, “There’s no such thing as a dumb question?” Well, when it comes to your lawn care provider, that old saying still rings true. You should feel comfortable asking questions and getting answers from your service technician. There are two ways that a lawn care company can educate you:

    - By including you in as a partner to your lawn’s success, including answering all of your questions

    - By providing you with guides, tips, and overall advice on how to supplement your lawn treatments with proper maintenance on your end.

    5. The lawn care service that you hire should put the care back in lawn care: You should look for a lawn care company that cares about what goes into your lawn, as well as how that treatment is applied to your lawn. Make sure the company you hire uses the safest, available products, and hires technicians that are licensed and trained to perform those applications.

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    About Wendy:
    Wendy Komancheck is an accomplished Freelance Writer for Trade Magazines, Websites, and Local Businesses, specializing in horticultural articles. Check out Wendy's bio and website by Clicking Here. 


    Wendy Komancheck

    Wendy Komancheck is an accomplished Freelance Writer for Green Industry Trade Magazines, Websites, and Local Businesses, specializing in horticultural articles.

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