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Brown Patches in Your Lawn? Don't Panic!

Now that May is almost here, all cool season grasses should be grown and green! However, if you are still noticing some brown patches in your lawn there's a chance that it could be either nimblewill or bermuda. Dr. David Gardner of the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at the Ohio State University explains how these warm season grasses can be controlled!



Dr. Gardner discusses how these grasses can be identified and what to do if you want them out of your lawn. He also explains how it might be best not to take immediate action, and instead just wait it out a bit. 


When it comes to identifying uncommon problems such as this one, a professional lawn care company can be of great help! Lawn care professionals are certified by the state and have abundant training on how to identify any potential problems with your lawn. To learn more about lawn care professionals and what you should look for when deciding to hire one, download our free hiring guide! Click below to get your copy now!

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