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    Flea Spray for Yards: How It Works as a Control Barrier

    Posted by: Robert Palmer on February 19, 2019

    You’ve probably heard a lot about the troublesome parasites called fleas before. These small, non- flea-on-humanselective pests can create quite a headache for homeowners when lawn conditions attract them. Since fleas love moisture, it could be an overwatered lawn that draws them in. On the other hand, thick layers of thatch or overly long grass might entice fleas as they prefer the dark.

    When it comes to stopping these insects, the best solution is to cut them off at the source with a flea spray for yards. Creating this barrier around your lawn can ward off fleas before they jump into your life and make your outdoor space safe for children and pets.

    The Impact of Fleas

    As fleas start to multiply in your lawn, exterminating them can be a struggle. This is partially due to their flexible life cycle, which makes them harder to get rid of outside of their adult stage. Not to mention, a female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day. So even if you wipe out the adult flea population, your outdoor space may not be in the clear.

    Without proper treatment of flea populations, these pesky insects can glom on to shoes or clothes, or even hop onto dogs or cats, and hitch a ride back into your home. This can lead to a possible infestation, as fleas can easily thrive in the stable temperature and humidity conditions of your home.

    As these insects accumulate, children and pets are at greater risks for flea bites. These bites can produce rashes and sores that not only cause discomfort but can even lead to infections and diseases like heartworm and Lyme disease.

    Solutions that Provide Short-Term Relief


    Nematodes, or microscopic roundworms, are marketed as a natural way to get rid of fleas. These worms are placed in a water solution and then sprayed over infested areas of your lawn. Once they make contact with your lawn, they’ll enter a flea and release a bacteria that kills the flea within 24 to 48 hours.

    While this option is harmless to pets and available at most garden centers, it has to be applied weekly to have a lasting effect. What’s more is that this solution is best suited for small areas of the lawn that are infested versus the entire yard.

    Flea Repellents

    Flea repellents are a temporary solution to a potentially significant problem. Most solutions on the market are meant to eliminate adult fleas, but they fall short when it comes to flea eggs.

    In some cases, repellents have a compound that prevents eggs from hatching. However, such products once again fail to address the source of the issue. That’s because these repellents don’t kill the pupae that can remain cocooned for up to a year and eventually surface on lawns.

    Pet Flea Prevention Medicines

    While preventative medicines can temporarily stop fleas from latching onto pets, this doesn’t stop them from clinging to humans. Once again, the issue of fleas traveling indoors emerges.

    Once in your home, flea eggs and pupae can hide in your carpet, baseboards and even between your couch cushions. All the while, they are waiting for the perfect host to hop on to, even if that means waiting weeks to eat.

    What’s also important to remember is that this solution does not eliminate fleas that are still hiding in your lawn. This requires treating the environment and creating a barrier that shields your outdoor space from these pests.

    How Flea Spray for Yards Ensures Safety

    Where short-term solutions for fleas fail, flea spray for yards succeeds. That’s because rather than addressing the problem on the surface, they eliminate it at its source.

    Once applied to an outdoor area, flea sprays act as a control barrier that keeps pests out. With multiple applications spread throughout the year, homeowners can maintain this layer of defense year round and be confident in the safety of their outdoor space.

    Remember that preparation is crucial to the effectiveness of flea spray for yards. Any debris or toys should be removed from lawns prior to an application so all outdoor areas receive the proper control treatment. This will better protect the health of your lawn as well as eliminate potential hazards to your children and pets.

    Looking to stop fleas before they reach your yard? If so, the team at Weed Pro would love to connect with you. As a local lawn care provider, we have years of experience helping Ohio homeowners get the protection they need against fleas and other insects. To learn more about our flea spray treatments, contact us today for details.

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