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    Get Your Garden Ready for Fall with Some Planting!

    Posted by: Stephanie Knezevic on August 17, 2015

    Fall_PlantingFor all of you garden enthusiasts out there, it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to plant in the fall! Fall is a great time to plant a great variety of flowers and vegetables and who doesn’t want to add a little autumn color to their yard? Although it’s still summer, you should begin planting now to ensure that your garden has a chance to grow and thrive before frost hits. Check out our tips for what plants you can grow this season!

    When To Start Planting

    Depending on what you want to plant, you’ll want to start the process pretty early. Don’t wait too long to plant because you want to make sure that your flowers and vegetables will have time to grow properly before the weather gets too cold and frost sets in. Make sure you research and are aware of when you should plant whatever flowers and vegetables you choose for your garden.


    Planting some flowers is a great way to add color to your yard. A few that are great for fall include marigolds, chrysanthemums, salvias, and sunflowers. You don’t have to limit your garden to just those though! Check out a list of the 10 best autumn flowers here.


    Veggies are great to grow and there’s just something about home-grown that makes them taste so much better. So why not plant some of your own this fall? Some great options for the fall are spinach, lettuce, brussel sprouts, zucchini and pumpkins. Again, just make sure you plant your vegetables of choice early enough to avoid frost and colder temperatures. You can find a great guide to other vegetables that are great for fall planting here.

    Looking for more tips in getting your yard ready for fall? Check out our Fall Lawn Recovery Guide! It has all the best advice on how to get your lawn revived and ready for the cooler season. You can get your FREE guide today by just clicking the button below!

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    Stephanie Knezevic

    Currently the Digital Marketing Intern at Weed-Pro who has flare for the creative touch.

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