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    Grass Spotlight: Tall Type Turf Fescue

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on April 27, 2016

    Not all types of turf grass are the same and that is why we would like to Grass_Spotlight_Turf_Type_Tall_Fescue.jpgspotlight the Tall Type Turf Fescue. This type of grass is very different, but easily confused with fine fescue, because of their fine texture. Although Tall Type Turf Fescue is finer than it Kentucky-31, it isn’t as fine as the fine fescue, but it has a lot of benefits that could be a great asset when seeding your lawn this year. We’ve highlighted the benefits, drawbacks, and other information about the Tall Type Turf Fescue in this blog post!

    Identifying Tall Type Turf Fescue:

    This grass is medium to dark green with a very coarse texture. Its leaves are rolled into a bud form with short and rounded auricles. It also has a short membranous ligule and an extensive root system. This tell fescue also has a bunch-type growth habit rather than a creeping-type which may result in open areas needing reseeded. For more information on identifying this grass type, click here.


    • Deep root system avoids drought
    • Good for a tough play lawn and recommended for a wide variety of uses, such as roadsides, parks, and sports fields
    • Great wear resistance
    • Grows in a variety of climates


    • Very few drawbacks with grass itself
    • May need reseeded more times than average


    The best months to plant this grass is usually September and October. If you seed earlier in the year, the grass tends to undergo excessive heat stress and seedling diseases, and later planting may not be fully established prior to winter. Seeding in December and early spring, depending on the area, is generally not recommended because the plant does not have enough time to develop the deep root system needed to survive the hot summer.

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