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Holy X-Files! What Are These Rings In My Lawn?

NecroticRingSpotAfter years of searching for life on other planets, your lawn finally has the proof we've been looking for! Those rings that are 3 inches to 3 feet in length are crop circles put in your lawn by an advanced, but miniature, alien civilization! 

Okay, get a hold of yourself Mulder. Sufficient to say that there is a logical explanation for these circles in your lawn, and unless treated, they can actually pose a serious threat to the health of your lawn. In today's article, we'll take a look at Necrotic Ring Spot.

What is It?

Necrotic Ring Spot is a fungus that appears in your lawn as ring shaped areas of dead, or dying, grass. Within the circles you may even see yellow to light-green colored turf blades causing what is often described as a "frog eye" effect. Necrotic Ring Spot can appear in your lawn in a variety of sizes, most often between 3 - 36 inches in diameter. If not treated, these spots can grow in size and number, causing death to the infected turf blades.

What Causes It?

Necrotic Ring Spot really begins to thrive and appear when temperatures surpass 80 degrees and soil conditions are dry. However, a build-up of organic material in your soil, such as remnants from wooded areas, and moist conditions can trigger the initial growth. Additionally, compacted areas of soil can promote stress within your turf, creating favorable conditions for it to grow and thrive.

How Can I Get Rid of It?

Necrotic Ring Spot is a fungus that can be treated. However, in addition to treating the disease, you should take steps to prevent it in the future. Here are the two methods we recommend:

  1. Fungicide: applying a fungicide to Necrotic Ring Spot will help suppress the disease and keep it from spreading.

  2. Aeration: an aeration pulls thousands of tiny plugs out of your lawn, creating pockets of air within your soil that relieves stress and helps water and fertilizer to reach the root system. This alleviation of compaction in your soil can help prevent this and many other lawn problems that prey on stressed lawns.

Use Our Free Guide to Find a Licensed Professional to Treat Necrotic Ring Spot

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