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Hornets, Wasps, and Bees Oh My! Keep your Yard Free From These Pests!

BeeA common sight during the summer is seeing bees and wasps flying around your yard. These pests are typically harmless to people but we all know that they can sting if angered. Not only that, but they are also annoying if you trying to have a nice outdoor picnic or barbecue. So how can you keep them away from your home this summer?

The Basics

Before you can work on getting rid of these pests, you’ll have to understand exactly which ones you’re dealing with. There’s many different species of wasps and it helps to know the difference between each. Here’s a quick breakdown of the ones you might encounter this summer:

  • Yellow jackets-also known as the “common wasp,” they are thinner and build their nests underground

  • Hornets-thinner and more narrow-waisted; they build their nests in trees or under the eaves of buildings

  • Bumblebees-larger, rounder, and often hairy; they build their nests underground

How to Get Rid of Existing Nests

Once you know what you are dealing with, the next step is to remove the nest from either your house or your yard. For nests that are underground, you’ll want to pour a soapy solution down the entrances (there will usually be two) and then seal them off with dirt. For any nests that are above ground, you should remove the nest from wherever it may be and seal it in a garbage back. You can then either freeze it or leave it in the sun to kill any remaining wasps inside.

You can also use insecticides on the nests to kill off wasps or bring in professionals if you are dealing with more aggressive wasps.

How to Keep Them Away

If you want to make sure that these pests don’t come back and build another nest near your home, there’s a few things you can do:

  • When eating outdoors, keep food and drinks covered and make sure to clear everything up when finished

  • Keep garbage cans sealed and put away

  • If you have any fruit trees in your yard, make sure any fruit that may have fallen off is picked up

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You may also want to consider getting a bug barrier sprayed around your home, such as our Perimeter Pest Spray. It keeps your home protected from any insects trying to get in!

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