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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Fall

It’s that time of year again when students go back to school, the Prepare_Your_Lawn_for_Fall.jpgsun’s setting sooner, and the air is starting to get a chill. Yes, the fall season will be upon us soon and your yard will soon be going through a lot of changes. What can you do to prepare your lawn for the changing of seasons? We have the top tips and tricks to help you prepare your lawn for fall.

Don’t Stop Mowing- Continue to water and mow as necessary. As the season draws to a close, drop the mower blade to the lowest setting for the last two cuttings. By doing so, this will allow more sunlight to reach the base of the grass and there will be less leaf to turn brown in the winter.

Fight Back Against Weeds- Now is the best time to apply a herbicide to make sure the weeds won’t return in the spring. According to Popular Mechanics, “Most herbicide manufacturers recommend applying the weed killer during early-to-mid autumn, when daytime temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Don’t Risk, Rake- It is very important to rake leaves as soon as possible. If you wait for all of the leaves to fall, they will become wet from morning dew and rain. This will then cause them to create a mat-like covering that could suffocate the grass and cause fungus, as well as other lawn diseases, to grow.

Aerate To Be Great- Aerating your lawn has many benefits, especially during the fall season. Rent a power aerator to break up the heavy topsoil of your lawn. Trust us, your lawn will thank you later.

Reseed the Dead Areas- The best times to reseed your lawn is late summer to early fall. Water the new seeds a couple of times a day until the grass is around 1-1/2 inches high and make sure you use a fertilizer that is designed for new grass. Make sure not to seed too heavily or the new grass will not grow properly due to overcrowding.

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