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June Watering Guide - All Your Lawn Watering Questions Answered!


"No water, no life. No blue, no green." - Sylvia Earle

What is the best time of day to water my lawn? For how long should I water my lawn? How often should I water my lawn? How can I use water responsibly in my lawn? What is the proper protocol for watering my lawn during a drought? What if it has just rained? What if it's going to rain tomorrow? Are any of these questions ringing a bell?

June usually kicks off what is known as "watering season". Temperatures are getting warmer; the Spring rains are tapering off. Most of us have probably fertilized our lawns, which provided them with the "food" they needed to grow. Watering our lawns is every bit as important as fertilizing, but many of us have questions about when and how to start watering our lawns. 

Lucky for you, Weed Pro has put together a free, downloadable guide that answers all the most common questions about watering your lawn. Click below for our free guide, so you can water properly, and in a way that is responsible! And if you have any other questions or concerns about your lawn this Summer, feel free to contact any of our customer service professionals by clicking here.

June Watering Instructions