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    Keep Your Pets Safe and Your Lawn Healthy This Summer!

    Posted by: Stephanie Knezevic on July 13, 2015

    iStock_000054783500_LargeFor anyone out there with pets, we know that you’re number one priority is keeping them safe this summer. The biggest concern is keeping your pets safe around your lawn if you are using many products to keep your lawn healthy. But you don’t have to let your lawn suffer to keep your pets safe! We have all the tips you need to keep both your lawn and pets healthy!

    Before you start using just any products or services on your lawn, make sure you know the facts. Whether you’re doing-it-yourself or have a professional lawn care service you should know what products are being used and how they are being applied. Make sure you educate yourself on the various products before deciding which one to use. And if you have that professional service, ask questions and become familiar with what your lawn technician is doing.

    Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizer

    Many people think that organic fertilizer is better and safer overall. While organic fertilizer has many advantages, the bottom line is that any type of fertilizer is safe if it is applied properly.The most common way for pets to get sick from fertilizer is if the container is left out in the open and your pet gets into it. That’s why storing your fertilizer correctly is essential.


    Just like fertilizer, insecticides can be harmful if not applied properly. You’ll want to make sure these products are stored properly and out of reach from any of your pets. Most insecticides can also cause irritation to your cat or dog’s feet, so you’ll want to keep your pets off the lawn for about an hour after spraying. Once the insecticide is dry, however, it is safe for your pets to go back onto the lawn.

    Professional Services

    As mentioned earlier, if you are deciding to use a professional company to handle your lawn you should be aware with the products they use as well as their methods. Don’t be afraid to talk to your technician and ask questions. Make sure they are licensed by the state and up to date with the latest training. Read more about choosing the right lawn care company when it comes to keeping your pet safe here!

    Weed Pro wants to help you keep your pets safe this summer! Check out our Pet Safety Guide that you can download for FREE today! Just click below!



    Stephanie Knezevic

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