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Lawn and Garden Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe

lawn-and-garden-tips-to-keep-pet-safe.jpgThere are lots of easy steps we can take to make our yards and gardens safer for our four-legged friends! Here are some common sense tips!

FENCES - They keep predators out, they keep Fido in. Additionally, a small fence around a vegetable garden will keep your pets from marking their territory on your tomatoes, or leaving their brand of fertilizer behind! 

COMPOST - Composting is a great, environmentally friendly way to use leftovers and scraps, but some foods are dangerous to our pets, so it's important to keep compost bins closed tightly. Grapes, onions, coffee grounds, mushrooms and moldy foods can commonly be found in compost bins and are especially dangerous to dogs!

FERTILIZERS AND PLANT FOOD - Speaking of foods, it isn't just human food that can be dangerous for pets. Plant foods, like MiracleGro and other lawn and garden fertilizers can be deadly for our curious pets! So keep them put away and locked up tight!

Penn State has an article about pet-friendly landscapes, which you can read here, that makes a simple and profound point about this when they say "some dogs cannot resist chewing a new container, and need your help to protect them from harm." Also be sure to follow instructions and wait the appropriate amount of time before letting your pets play in the yard after a treatment. 

AVOID COCOA MULCH - This is a new one for me - Cocoa bean mulch is sold at local hardware stores and big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes, and its sweet smell is attractive to curious dogs. It contains caffeine and theobromine, both of which can be fatally poisonous to dogs.

BACKYARD POOLS - You might be surprised to know (I did not know this until I was well into adulthood) that not all dogs are natural swimmers, and while most can do some version of the doggie paddle, they cannot all swim. And with pools come pool chemicals, which should be treated as any other chemicals, and locked safely away!

FLEAS AND TICKS - Seems like these bugs are always lying in wait for our pets. It's important to treat indoor and outdoor pets for both insects, but there are also ways to make your yard less friendly to bugs. See my blog about creating a tick-free zone in your yard here.  

You might be interested to know that WeedPro's Holganix Fertilizer is 100% human and pet safe with zero hazardous ingredients. If you're looking for a way to enhance your lawn's beauty without worrying when your kids or dogs go out to play, check out the details on our 100% plant-based organic compost tea fertilizer here.

More Tips on How to Keep Your Family and Pets Safe Outdoors!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer and don't stress unnecessarily! Keep your kids and pets safe by downloading our FREE Tick Safey Guide today.

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