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    What Lawn Care Company Should I Hire?

    Posted by: Hannah McIntire on February 2, 2018

    lawn-care-company.jpgSo you have decided that you need help with taking care of your lawn, but what lawn care company should you hire? You should hire the best professional lawn care business for you! The truth is, there is no one best company for everyone. If you are a business owner, you might need to find a lawn care provider that offers residential and commercial services. If you want organic lawn care, you will have to find a company that offers that service. The perfect lawn care differs from person to person. But do not fret, this post will walk you through how to pick the best lawn care service for you!     

    Pros For Hiring Some Pros

    Each lawn care company is going to be different and some will be better than others. Ask around and see if your friends, family or co-workers are able to recommend a lawn care provider near you.

    Hiring a lawn care pro means you will get professional results. Many times the results of a professional lawn care service will have an extra level of detail that you won't see by doing things yourself. Hiring professional lawn services to care for your lawn will often lead to results you just can't get yourself. Saving time is always appreciated and anything you can do to to make your day easier is well worth it.

    Another benefit to hiring a lawn company is the time you will save taking care of your lawn. Hiring a lawn care company gives you the opportunity to enjoy your lawn without worrying about the overall health of your turf throughout the season.

    Safety is another benefit that is sometimes overlooked. Lawn care chemicals and products can be dangerous if not used correctly. Good lawn care service providers are trained to use lawn products and fertilizers correctly. This provides peace of mind for many of the families we work with. This is especially important if you have kids or animals roaming around your yard.

    Your Lawn Care Wish List

    There are many services that a lawn care company can offer, but what do you want to hire for? You may pick to do some treatments yourself, like mowing, and then hire a lawn care company to do the other essentials. You may want the most extravagant lawn service that the company offers. The important part is what YOU as the customer wants. If you want to have your trees trimmed or some garden maintenance, look for a company that provides services for lawns and landscape.

    Surf The Web

    It is important to be an educated consumer so you know what you are spending your money on. Doing a little of your own research can help you make the best decision possible for your lawn and your bank account. Check out what other people said about the company. A simple place to start doing this is Google.

    Look at reviews from satisfied or disappointed customers. Reading a lawn care provider’s reviews can say a lot about them such as whether they are on time, friendly, or if they actually treat lawns correctly! You can scope out your own neighborhood and see what companies other people are using. This allows you to see first hand how the company does work and if they provide beautiful lawn care.

    Keep in mind that this company may visit your home on a regular basis so it is important that they have excellent customer service. If a company cannot take care of you as a customer, how can you trust that they will take care of your lawn? The best lawn care companies should provide free weed control touch ups, grub protections and guarantees, and other perks to make sure your lawn stays beautiful. The health and appearance of your lawn should be in the company’s best interest.

    Money Talks

    When examining price, sometimes lawn care services are not as expensive are you think. Many of our consumers came to us thinking that lawn care services are expensive or that they would cost more than caring for their own lawn. Most of the time is not true. Many lawn care packages will cost less than buying and applying products yourself. Do your research and get multiple quotes from different lawn care companies. This way, you can compare each company based on how much they charge and how they charge.

    If you find that one company is cheaper than another, try to negotiate to get the best deal and service based on your needs. However, cash is not king and just because a company is the cheapest does not mean that they are the best. Plus, It may seem like they are saving you money, but they will most likely just end up charging you more down the line. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is not the best deal. Ask questions about the service you will be paying for so there are not any discrepancies in the final price.

    Follow Through

    After doing your research and choosing a lawn care service, be sure to observe your yard's reaction to their treatments. Make sure everything is reacting correctly and meets your standards. If not, call the company and tell them what is happening. A good lawn company will fix what is going on. Remember to take advantage of free services that they provide. Call and report any weed control problems, crabgrass growth or other problems you have noticed.

    Building a relationship with your professional lawn care provider is great because you will always know you can count on them to keep your yard as healthy as possible. It is okay if you feel like you need to try another lawn care company for the next year. If the company you hired is not meeting your needs, think about what sold you initially. Then, figure out what other lawn care companies have to offer that will meet your lawn care needs. Don't stop until you love your lawn!

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