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    How Lawn Care Services Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Area

    Posted by: Robert Palmer on August 6, 2019

    Sure, a healthy lawn looks nice. But there’s a lot more to consider beyond aesthetics — like theplaying-suburban-lawn functionality of the entire space.

    Maybe you’re a homeowner who loves to host parties, or perhaps you simply like to relax outdoors. Whatever the case may be, an unkempt lawn will deter from your enjoyment of these activities. Without proper care, lawns become a breeding ground for insects and pests.

    Whether it’s the nuisance of chinch bugs crawling over your feet or the pain of a flea or tick bite — both of which can carry disease — chances are you’ll want to spend more time indoors.

    Rather than wait until these issues arise, the better bet is to take action now and invest in lawn care services. Here are three lawn care services that will help keep your outdoor space comfortable year-round.

    Lawn Care Service: Weed Control

    There’s no denying the attraction between pests and weeds. Not only do many insects (ticks included) favor the shade they provide, but they are also smart enough to know that it’s easier to feed on weak and diseased plants.

    By including weed control in your lawn care services, you’ll eliminate the potential need to remove and replace grass and be able to enjoy your outdoor space with more ease. For homeowners who like to garden, an added bonus is that the removal of these weeds will give you more space to work, without the concerns of blocked sunlight or stolen nutrients.

    Lawn Care Service: Aeration

    Speaking of what’s attractive to insects, standing pools of water also fall under this umbrella. Whether it’s an overwatering of your lawn or the water inside your birdbath (which you should change on a regular basis), this accumulation of stagnant water can invite infestations of mosquitoes, roaches and carpenter ants.

    The best way to combat this issue is by pairing proper watering techniques (deep, infrequent watering of 1 inch per week) with lawn aeration. Poking tiny holes throughout the soil gives water a place to drain versus simply sitting on top of the surface. So while you help the grass grow stronger, you’ll also avoid the headaches that come with excess pools of water.

    Lawn Care Service: Tree & Shrub Care

    Insects do not always camp out in the grass. They often hide in the small cracks and crevasses of trees and shrubs where they cause leaves to yellow and branches to die. Before these insects migrate down to your lawn and around your home, a tree and shrub care program can eradicate their presence.

    For instance, insects tend to hibernate in trees and shrubs during the harsh winter months. With a spring dormant oil application as part of your lawn care services, you can kill any of these insects before they have a chance to harm your plants or bother you. Additional treatments throughout the year continue to combat active insects throughout every season.

    If you’re in the market for lawn care services in Ohio, Weed Pro can help. Our weed control, aeration and tree and shrub care (among other services) will keep your lawn looking its best and ensure that you can make the most out of your outdoor space. Get in touch with your local provider today.

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    Robert Palmer

    As the owner and president of Weed Pro, Rob Palmer is committed to helping Ohio properties look and feel their best. With years of experience in the field and a passion for helping property owners, he offers useful lawn care insight and advice on the Weed Pro blog.

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