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    How Lawn Care Services Can Add Value to Your Ohio Home

    Posted by: Robert Palmer on April 23, 2019

    When a lawn is well-maintained, it not only makes the space more enjoyable for homeowners, it also home-value boosts the property value when it comes time to sell. By how much? As The Lawn Institute notes, your home’s value could increase by about 15 percent. To put this in perspective, a well-manicured lawn could bump the price tag on a $300,000 house to $345,000.

    So which professional lawn care services offer the biggest return on investment? Let’s take a look.

    3 Lawn Care Services with a Big Impact on Your Lawn


    Bare or brown spots in your lawn can be quite an eyesore to potential home buyers. Rather than try to cover up these damaged areas with objects, a better solution is seeding. Not only will a fresh batch of grass seeds fill gaps in your lawn and improve its appearance, but fewer weak spots will ward off insects and disease that can easily spread.

    By working with lawn care professionals, you’ll not only get advice on the best grass seed variety for your lawn; you’ll also have access to the equipment needed to prepare outdoor spaces and spread seeds, as well as advice on how to care for your new lawn.


    Trees and shrubs are designed to breathe life into outdoor spaces. But without proper maintenance, these plants can easily have the opposite effect. Overgrown shrubs can block windows and deter from your home’s curb appeal, while weak tree branches can become infected by invasive diseases that affect the livelihood of your lawn.

    That’s where pruning comes into the picture. Cutting away overgrown and damaged branches give your property a more polished look, while increased air circulation and sun exposure give way to new growth and reduce health risks. In combination with a plant health care program that helps plants handle stress and ward off insects, pruned trees and shrubs make a good first impression on potential home buyers.


    When grass appears yellow or thin, it’s often a sign of an outdoor space that is missing key nutrients. Regular fertilization throughout the year helps fill this void. As grass roots grow stronger, the entire look of your lawn will change for the better. Strong, full blades will replace dull, weak blades and crowd out unsightly weeds, disease and insects in the process.

    While fertilizers are designed to restore soil nutrients and boost lawn health, there’s a science behind its success. Nutrient deficiencies can vary between soils, or all of the nutrients may be available but inaccessible due to high pH levels. By having a professional perform a soil test before fertilizer applications, any issues with your soil structure will become clear. This clarity paves the way to a lush, green lawn that not only looks but feels great.

    Make Lawn Care Services a Priority Before You Sell

    Thinking about putting your home on the market in the next few years? If so, you’ve probably started researching ways you can add value back into your home. As we’ve showcased here, lawn care services like seeding, pruning and fertilizing deliver a significant return on investment.

    At Weed Pro, we combine professional experience with the safest lawn care products to enhance the curb appeal of homes across Ohio. To become one of our thousands of satisfied customers, contact your local provider for a free quote2 Free Lawn Care Treatments


    Robert Palmer

    As the owner and president of Weed Pro, Rob Palmer is committed to helping Ohio properties look and feel their best. With years of experience in the field and a passion for helping property owners, he offers useful lawn care insight and advice on the Weed Pro blog.

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