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    Lawn Companies: What You Need to Know

    Posted by: Hannah McIntire on May 19, 2018

    service-perimiter pest sprayThere are many companies out there that can provide you with lawn care treatments and plans, but there are some that will give much you better service than other. Not just because of customer service and price, but because of the right certifications and techniques. Many landscaping companies offer lawn care and maintenance services and people are wondering if they are the same as services offered by traditional lawn care companies. The professional services that are performed through landscaping and lawn care differ in the focus of outdoor home improvement service, they are not exactly the same. Here is what you need to know when choosing one of the lawn companies in your area to do your lawn care for you.

    Lawn Care vs Landscaping

    Now a days it seems like lawn care and landscape can be used interchangeably and consumers can think they are the same type of work.The truth is, lawn care and landscaping are two different industries. Lawn care or maintenance takes care of your lawn, focusing more specifically on the care and improvement of your lawns grass, thatch, and soil. Landscaping is more than planting flowers and making your garden look pretty, it is a service that has a wide variety of uses. Landscaping deals with design of outdoor structures and building of the structures. The landscape company designs things in a whole yard layout like patio hardscapes, deck, pergolas, and small ponds. The services offered by a specific landscape provider could just focus on the plant care in the garden, or just focus on the construction and design. There are many parts of landscaping because it is the layout of the whole yard.

    Lawn Companies Know What is Best

    Here is a little analogy for you, family doctors know a little bit about everything, but specialty doctor know their own area inside and out. The landscapers are like family doctors compared to lawn care companies who know everything about how to maintain a healthy lawn. Many landscaping companies offer lawn care services as a part of their company, and sure they can get the job done, but it may be lacking the quality that you want for your lawn. As far as customer service goes, a professional lawn care company can also best help you with any questions you may have after service and they can give you some quality lawn care tips during one of your DIY (do it yourself) endeavours.

    Certified Professionals

    Lawn care companies, like Weed Pro, are certified and licensed by the state of Ohio. The fertilizer and pesticide licensing ensures that a company can effectively and safely apply these products to your lawn. In order to keep this certification and renew it each year, the company must continually be getting education about these products always learning the newest information. You want the lawn companies you work with to have plenty of knowledge because it will keep you safe with proper use, and you can be sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck with the services you purchase. The lawn care company that is certified and licensed can best identify problems with your lawn and the weed controls, or other treatments it needs to be healthy. Having your lawn misdiagnosed can lead to you spending money on the wrong treatments or even extra unnecessary treatments.

    Which Lawn Companies to Hire

    Choosing a lawn care company to hire for your lawn is not always the simplest task in the world. First thing you want to do is make sure they are a lawn care company rather than a landscaping company. This is to ensure you are getting the specialty service you deserve. Be sure to check to see if their lawn care and maintenance technicians are certified and licensed in fertilization and pesticide treatments. Take a look at the company's prices and lawn care packages to see if the company fits into your budget before you call for an estimate. You always want to get a lawn consultation and a quote if you to be able to ensure that the company will work for you. A great thing is some professional lawn companies offer free quotes, which is an awesome bonus! Be sure to hire the lawn care company that works for you and that will be your partner in your outdoor home improvements!

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