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    Lawn Overseeding - What Is It, Who Needs It and How to Prepare for It?

    Posted by: Jennifer Dombeck on September 24, 2017

    grass-seed-bare-spots-1.jpgOVERSEEDING - WHAT IS IT?

    Overseeding literally means putting turf grass seed over an already existing lawn. The practice may be used to fill in bare spots or may be performed over a large area of lawn where density is not optimal.  Thick, lush turf grass helps crowd out weeds and improve drought and heat tolerance. It's also nicer to look at and walk on!


    Typically, with bare or thinning turf grass, if 50 percent or more of the existing lawn is in good or even decent condition, overseeding can be an effective solution. If more than 50 percent your yard is in poor condition, you will want to consider starting again with a new lawn installation. Fall is the best time to overseed or reseed a lawn in Ohio, with warm days and cool nights. 

    If your lawn is a good candidate for overseeding, it’s best to identify the source of the problem and correct it prior to overseeding, so you don't throw good money after bad. Your bare or thinning lawn may be damaged from drought, heat, insects, weeds, or from overuse resulting in compaction. Poor management practices and a lack of knowledge can also result in lawns that look lousy. Throughout the season, we write articles and blogs to help homeowners learn about lawn care and give them the DIY tools to correct lots of different issues. Subscribe to my blog so you can keep track of what you're doing right, and where you might be able to improve! 


    Grass seed needs good contact with soil to take root and grow. So, you'll want to cut your grass extra low prior to overseeding and bag your clippings to eliminate obstacles between the seed and the soil. Take care not scalp your lawn, which is cutting the grass just above the soil level. Thin or bare spots should be gently hand-raked with a garden rake to bring up fresh soil without disturbing existing grass.

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