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    Moles and Your Lawn: The Hole Story

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on March 9, 2016

    It’s that time of year again, where you find yourself walking around your lawn to find holes and trails. You can suspect manyMoles_The_Hole_Story.jpg things of what could have caused the eye sores, but it was most likely moles. Moles are infamous for turning your beautiful lawn into something that resembles Swiss cheese. Learn more about the damage that moles can cause and what you can do this spring to protect your lawn.

    What are moles?

    Classified as mammals, there are six different types of moles in North America. The most common moles are the Eastern mole and the grey mole. Both are widespread throughout the continent. They are often found in their natural habitat, in and near wooded areas. They are more likely to be found in the spring months, April through June, because it is mating season and during the fall, temperatures begin to cool. They are known for their amazing strength and can exert a digging force up to 32 times their body weight, this is comparable to a 150lb person being able to exert 4,800lbs of force. This enables them to cause some serious damage to your lawn.

    What damage do they do?

    Moles cause significant damage to the root system of your lawn due to their underground tunneling habits. This is especially harmful, because in the spring and fall seasons especially, you want to encourage root development. In addition, their digging cause mounds in the yard that are irritating and unsightly.

    What can you do?

    Whenever you search "Mole Control Remedies” in your search engine, you will receive a million recommendations. However, according to the experts, the best way to control moles is by trapping them. You can find certified mole trappers throughout Ohio who can help you with the problem. Trapping them helps to reduce the population and keep your lawn looking its best. Other remedies include poisons; however, you may think you have solved your problem using poisons, but they really may have just moved on. Trapping is still best solution and should be left to the professionals.

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