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New Franklin Lawn Care Review- Steve

Weed Pro not only offers the best lawn treatments and services, New_Franklin_Lawn_Care_Review.jpgbut we also strive to make sure every customer is receiving a friendly and personalized service. This is what helps us stand out from the rest and make sure that our customers are receiving the best experience possible. But don’t just take our word for it; this week, we were able to catch up with Steve from New Franklin, OH.

Off to a Good Start

Steve has been a customer for only about two treatments, but has already been impressed with Weed Pro’s commitment to its customers. He first heard of Weed Pro through a radio advertisement and thought he’d give them a call. He said it was then very easy to get started with services and he got “a good vibe when I called and talked with your (our) sales staff member.”

Our Lawn Care Technicians Make the Difference

When asked about his lawn care technician, he replied that his technician is “very commendable.” Steve went on to say that “he explained a couple of small areas of tall fescue grass that I have. Good job. Nice guy.” Our lawn care technicians take pride in their work and want to make your lawn look its best. Steve was able to see how great and friendly our technicians are.

Above and Beyond

What sold Steve to use Weed Pro for his New Franklin lawn was “the friendliness and ability to answer my questions.” Weed Pro helped him see an immediate return on his investment and solve his lawn care needs. When asked what the biggest reasons he would recommend our service, he said our “professionalism and friendliness.”

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