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Patio Prep: Cleaning and Patio Furniture

Patio_FurnitureGetting your yard ready for the spring and summer isn’t just about making sure that your lawn is looking good. One of the more enjoyable tasks is to get your patio or deck ready for use. This can be a hefty process, from cleaning the patio or deck to arranging the furniture. Regardless of the work involved, it’s great to be able to put your patio to use for a summer barbecue or party. Here are some tips and tricks for getting your patio looking its best!

Clean, Pristine, Summertime Patio Scene

Spring cleaning isn’t only meant for inside your house. Cleaning your patio or deck is the first step towards making it look new and fresh for summer use and entertaining guests. Depending on what type of patio you have, there are different ways to clean it. For example, concrete patios can easily be washed with just water and detergent, but may need a treatment of muriatic acid if it’s heavily discolored. Manufactured paving stones, on the other hand, require less maintenance. Using just water will do the job for these. To learn more about how to best clean your type of patio, check out these instructions here.

Old or New can bring a Fresh Look

Patio furniture is the main piece to your overall patio or deck look. Whether you choose to bring out your old furniture from storage or shop for a new set, you’ll want to choose something that really accentuates the patio. Sticking to your old furniture may not be a bad option, especially since it may only be in need of some minor freshening up. Some parts of your furniture, such as the cushions or padding, can easily be washed in the washing machine. For other parts, such as any metals or plastic parts on furniture, they can be cleaned with natural household solutions. You can find some of those natural cleaner recipes here, along with some other cleaning tips! Now if you decide that you would rather go out and just buy a new furniture set, be sure to check out some upcoming trends for 2015 here.

Now that you know how to get your patio or deck ready for the next big summer bash, check out some other tips on getting your entire yard ready for this summer, such as mosquito control. After all, we wouldn't want to be bothered by those pests while relaxing on our patio now would we? Download our free spring lawn care guide today! Click below to get your free copy!

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