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    Pest Control Problem? Weed-Pro can help!

    Posted by: Stephanie Knezevic on April 17, 2015

    Pest_Control-1Summer may bring warmer weather, but it also brings those annoying insects along with it. And those creepy crawlers don’t just stay outside, but they also can make their way inside your home. Find out how Weed-Pro can help prevent this issue and keep your home bug free!

    Even though not all bugs are damaging to your lawn or plant life, that doesn’t mean that you want them hanging around your home. No one wants to wake up with a spider in their face or see ants marching all over the house. Even when you do get rid of any insects initially, it always seems like they find their way back to your home. So how do they manage to do this? Ants, for example, leave a trail of pheromones everywhere they go. This is a sort of “scent” that ants leave to signal to other ants where food may be. With that pheromone trail still in place around your house, other ants and insects can follow it and make their way back inside.

    If you want to successfully remove and prevent any other insects from being able to make their way to your home, it’s vital that the pheromone trail is removed as well. Although most pest control products and services will get rid of those unwanted bugs, they will not necessarily get rid of that pheromone trail, which leaves your home vulnerable to another bug invasion.

    Weed-Pro offers a home perimeter pest control that not only targets those insects, but also that pheromone trail. With the pheromone trail removed and our pest spray in place, a better barrier is created around your home to shield it from any other insects that would try to intrude.  Our home perimeter pest spray is not only effective in removing insects, but it also is not harmful to people and pets. You should always be aware at how strong these sprays are, whether you buy one from the store or bring in a professional. Many companies will advertise that they can keep these pests away with only one or two spray treatments. As great as that sounds, at that point you have to wonder how strong that stuff really is for it to be able to last months at a time, and if it really would be safe for your pets. Weed-Pro’s home perimeter pest control treatment is sprayed every month, which ensures that it will get rid of those insects and the pheromone trail while still being safe to you and your loved ones.

    Learn more about our home perimeter pest control spray and the benefits that it can bring to you here. Get a treatment right now for only $40!



    Get a Treatment for only $40!


    Stephanie Knezevic

    Currently the Digital Marketing Intern at Weed-Pro who has flare for the creative touch.

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