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    Save money this Spring with Weed Pro's Deluxe Plan!

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on January 22, 2016

    Weed Pro has many options for you to save money when it comesWeed_Pro_Deluxe_Program.jpg to lawn care, with a variety of programs and options to help you get the best value and service possible. Our three showcased plans, the Basic Plan, Deluxe Plan, and the Organic Plan, are all designed to save you money. Starting at $296 per year, with a yearly of savings of $97, Weed Pro’s Deluxe Plan is the best deal for your lawn. But what exactly is included? Well, we’ll tell you!

    Seven Weed and Feed Applications

    NoWeed™ is our multi-approach solution to your weed problem. The weeds that don’t respond to our preventive treatments will be eradicated during a post-emergent spray. Either way, you are weed free, guaranteed—or we will come out and trouble shoot until the job is done.

    ProFeed™ is our golf-course grade, granular fertilizer. Our formula is applied every 4-6 weeks during the growing season, for a total of 7 applications.

    Crabgrass Preventer

    NoCrab™ is our preventive crabgrass treatment, included in all three of our star-programs, is guaranteed to keep your lawn crabgrass free all year.

    Grub Application (for half off the price)

    NoGrub and Insect™ treatment will eliminate grub and insect activity in one application, guaranteed. We will also follow up with you to ensure the job is done, and to access treat further if necessary.   

    Rx Treatment (for FREE)

    Your lawn will get the individualized attention it deserves with a personalize lawn care “prescription.” This treatment will help your lawn grow think and healthy this upcoming season.

    Flea and Tick Application (for FREE)

    Protect your lawn from Flea and Tick problems with Surface Insect Control. This program is guaranteed year-long protection from billbugs, chinchbugs, ants, fleas & ticks! These bugs can be a pain for your family and pets, so getting this application for FREE is a great deal! Learn more about how Weed Pro protects your lawn with the flea and tick application here.

    Guaranteed Weed Control

    Weed Pro wants to make sure your lawn is weed-free. We guarantee to get the weeds out of your lawn with our multi-step action plan.

    Let Weed Pro help save you money!

    The Weed Pro Deluxe Plan is a great deal that is sure to make your lawn and wallet happy this upcoming year! Here is the link to our packages page or you can get a FREE estimate now! Just click below to get your FREE estimate today to help make your lawn look better tomorrow!

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    Gwyn Dubel

    Gwyn is Weed Pro's Inbound and Social Media Intern.

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