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    Spring Lawn Care: DIY vs. Professional Company

    Posted by: Stephanie Knezevic on April 8, 2015

    Hiring_Lawn_Care_ProfessionalsWith the spring lawn care season quickly approaching, you may have noticed that your lawn is in need of more maintenance than you had originally thought.  Although doing your own lawn maintenance isn’t a bad idea, you may not have the time or the resources to keep your lawn healthy and good-looking throughout the entire summer. Find out why hiring a professional lawn care company might be a better option for you.

    More Knowledge

    Let’s be honest, not everyone knows what snow mold is or how to properly aerate your lawn.  And when you don’t know what the problem with your lawn is, how can you properly fix it? Having a professional lawn care company come in to do a diagnostics inspection can help you pinpoint any issues that are present with your lawn. Professional lawn technicians are state certified and trained to recognize any diseases that your lawn may have that can go unnoticed by the average person. Professional technicians can also give advice on whether or not you’re mowing your lawn at the ideal height, or if you’re watering your lawn properly. Believe it or not, there are actually certain times that are best to water your lawn (Who would’ve thought?).  

    Money Saver

    Everyone wants to be able to get the best looking lawn for a good price. Doing your own lawn maintenance can quickly add up, from the actual lawn products to the tools needed for application, having a good-looking lawn is going to take some investing.  Store-bought fertilizers aren’t as powerful as commercial grade products, which means that you will probably end up buying more than you originally thought you would need. Not to mention you will also need to buy the proper tools for actually applying any products.  With all this being said, hiring a professional lawn care company may end up being more affordable than doing-it-yourself in the long run.

    Time is Money

    Time is precious, and not all of us have a lot of time in our busy schedules to fully maintain our lawns. If you choose to do your own lawn maintenance, keep in mind that it’s a big time commitment. Not only will you have to spend the time researching what exactly your lawn needs and the best methods for keeping your lawn healthy, but you will also have to take the time to go out and buy all the needed products and tools.  Then you will have to commit to regularly maintaining your lawn by mowing weekly, fertilizing, etc.  A lot of time can be saved by just bringing in a professional technician to handle all of those things.

     What company is right for you?

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