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    How to Choose a Lawn Care Company - Why You Should Hire Local

    Posted by: Jennifer Dombeck on April 7, 2017


    We've heard for years that "bigger is better" and when it comes to hiring a lawn care company, it is easy to assume that national companies like TruGreen, with their unlimited marketing budgets and endless commericals, are the authority on lawn care. But recently, there has been a renewed interest in investing in local businesses and establishing personal relationships with those who serve the community. It's become trendy to buy "local, farm fresh eggs" or to get a pint at the fledgling microbrewery around the corner - but more than trendy, it's better for you - better quality, better service and better for your community.

    There's a local repair shop a few blocks from me - I can call them up, tell them what's wrong with my fridge or my washing machine, and they'll diagnose the problem and walk me through how to fix it over the phone! Or they'll tell me exactly what replacement part to buy and how to install it. They don't try to sell me a new refrigerator, or charge me $100 for a service call. I sure can't call up Home Depot or Lowes and have someone there walk me through a repair on my 20 year old dishwasher! And you can bet when the time comes to throw in the towel on that old Maytag, I'll be buying my new one from the neighborhood shop!

    That's the beauty of local businesses. They view themselves as a part of a community, and believe the service they provide should benefit those they serve - not just fill their own pockets. WeedPro is this kind of company, and we pride ourselves on providing quality, individualized service!

    One customer, Terri H. of Elyria, has experienced our commitment to providing a level of care that the national guys can't, and had this to say:

    "It felt like every time we talked to the national guy, they were trying to sell us something we didn't need, or had no interest in. With Weed Pro Lawn Care, we got exactly what we wanted and needed."

    Another Weed Pro customer, Robin Baughman of Hudson, used a national chain company for more than 5 years, and never saw the results or customer service they promised. Every time she called them to complain about her weeds, she got the run around, talking to a different person in a different state. But when Robin called Weed Pro, and was assigned a personal technician, she saw the light!

    "It's great" Robin says, "Zach is such a nice young man! Whenever I have a question, I know who to contact and I get personal attention."

    Are you ready to hire professionals? Do you want a local company that will give you and your lawn individualized, personal attention throughout the season? Give Weed Pro a call, or click the button below to get a free quote with no high pressure sales tactics.

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    Jennifer Dombeck

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