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    Summer Lawn Diseases: Red Thread

    Posted by: Stephanie Knezevic on June 10, 2015

    red_thread_lawn_diseaseJune seems to be flying by already and we are quickly approaching the official start of summer. Most lawns are looking good and healthy, but that doesn’t mean that they will stay this way. Lawns are still vulnerable to diseases over these next few months so we’ll be telling you about certain ones that you should be looking out for! First up in the lawn disease lineup is Red Thread!

    What is it?

    Red thread is a fungal infection of your lawn caused by the fungus laetisaria fuciformis. When a lawn is infected, irregularly shaped patches that appear tan or red will form throughout the lawn. Although the disease won’t affect the crown and root of your grass, it is not aesthetically pleasing and makes your lawn look unhealthy. It can even make your lawn vulnerable to other diseases that are more threatening.

    The Causes

    Red thread is seems to be quite common with cool season grasses, especially in times when the days get very warm and the nights are cooler. The rapid change in temperature creates moist condition and these conditions are favorable for fungi growth, which is how red thread invades lawns.

    How to Identify Red Thread

    As mentioned earlier, red thread will appear in irregular-shaped patches in your lawn. It typically has a tan or reddish color to it and it is usually restricted to the leaves and stems of the grass plant. Read more about the signs and symptoms here.

    The Solution

    Once conditions dry out and it stays warm, red thread will typically grow out on its own. This can take a while though, and in the meantime your lawn can still become more vulnerable to other diseases. If you aren’t keen on waiting for it to grow out there are other solutions out there. A fungicide can be applied to the infected areas that will stop the red thread from spreading and allow it to grow out much quicker. Properly fertilizing your lawn will also help in dealing with red thread. Use fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen and phosphorous to keep your lawn in optimal health. You can read more about fixing and preventing red thread here.

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