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    One Factor That Can Sway LeBron - Ohio Lawns

    Shaun Kanary
    Posted by: Shaun Kanary on July 9, 2014

    ohio_lawns_decisionWhile everyone in the Buckeye State is on pins and needles waiting for the "Decision 2.0" to happen, we here at Weed Pro have decided to interupt LeBron's meetings to bring up an important, and true, fact that he MUST consider when choosing between Miami and his home state of Ohio: Lawn Quality.

    LeBron & Family

    LeBron has always stated that he is a family oriented person. With two sons, and a daughter on the way, wouldn't he want the best environment possible for his kids to grow up in? Well, if he's looking at the quality of lawns for his kiddies to run around in, there is no better grass to play on than Ohio's mixture of bluegrass and ryegrass. Let's examine both region's grass type, and remind LeBron why Ohio is the right choice:

    Ohio's Bluegrass/Ryegrass Mixture

    concern4The fact is that bluegrass is the king-of-kings when it comes to grass types and the only one truly fit for a royal family. This soft bladed grass loves Ohio and affords its residents the luxury of removing their shoes for a leisurely stroll through it. Bluegrass and ryegrass mixtures are often used in professional sports stadiums as the playing surface of choice because of all of the great qualities it possesses.

    Additionally, bluegrass and ryegrass "ain't to shabby" to look at either. This grass has a beautiful blueish-green hue to it, that looks like it came from photoshop. Its thin, fine blades also gives it a dense, carpet like appearance. 

    Miami's St. Augustine & Zoysia Grass

    st_augustine-1They say the grass is always greener on the other side until you get there. This is absolutely true and something that LeBron had to notice once he arrived in Miami four years ago. St. Augustine & Zoysia grass heavily populates the Miami/Southern Florida area, and is often said to resemble crabgrass (a known noxious weed in the state of Ohio... Just sayin'). This grass mixture is known for its thick, rough, and prickly surface that makes walking on gravel seem like a better option. 

    Additionally, if Ohio's bluegrass was Miss America - well, St. Augustine/Zoysia would have the looks of Frankenstein's monster. This grass is recognized by its thick, matted down blades and is very spotty in areas. As my ex-cheerleader wife would say, "U-G-L-Y it ain't got no alibi... it's Ugly."

    The Choice is Clear for LeBron on Where he Should Call Home; But Here's a Guide on Choosing the Right Lawn Care Company

    LeBron's choice is quite obvious in this sports fan opinion. However his choice of a lawn care company might need some assistance that his agent or entourage can't provide. Not to fret LeBron, we've put together the perfect companion, a "Kyrie" type of guide that can serve as your running mate through the selection of a championship caliber lawn care company. The best part is that you don't have to give up any of your max-contract to get it either! It's absolutely free to both you and anyone in your kingdom by clicking on the button below!

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    Shaun Kanary

    Shaun has been a part of the Green Industry for the past 15 years. As the Director of Marketing for Weed Pro, a Cleveland and Columbus Fertilizing Company, Shaun is a regular contributor to the Weed Pro Blog, and other industry magazines and blogs.

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