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Tick Tips: Keep these Pests Away from Your Yard This Summer!

tick_controlSummer is a great time to be outdoors! Whether you’re hiking, biking, gardening, or just playing in the yard it’s always great to enjoy the summer weather. However, with fun outdoor activities come not-so-fun outdoor pests. Ticks are one of the worst pests in the summertime. Besides just being annoying, these nuisances can carry harmful diseases. Learn all you need to know about keeping these summer pests away from your yard with these tips!

#1: Use bug repellent- Repellent is always a great defense for any bugs including ticks. Permanone is a permethrin-based repellent used for tick prevention. This repellent is designed for clothing use only, and you have to be careful about how safe certain repellents are.

#2: Stay in the sun- Ticks thrive in damp areas and they cannot survive in environments without high humidity for more eight hours. Staying in the sun where it is most likely dry and hot will reduce your chances of running into these pests.

#3: Cover up- If you are going for a walk through the woods, make sure that you cover up any exposed skin. Wearing long sleeves, and tucking your pants into your socks may be uncomfortable in the heat, but it will protect your from ticks and any diseases they might bring!

#4: Change your landscape- To keep ticks out of your yard, create a landscape that isn’t inviting to them. Get rid of any leaf piles and shrubs, and avoid creating shaded areas.

#5: Inspect- After being in any potential tick habitats, make sure you immediately change clothes and do a tick inspection. Get in the habit of also showering immediately because it decreases the chances of any diseases being transmitted.

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Your lawn care company can also help with any tick or pest control! They can apply proper insecticides to keep your yard tick-free. Read more about the process here.

You can also download our FREE eGuide on tick prevention and safety to further learn how to protect you and your loved ones from these pests! Just click below to get your copy now!

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