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    Tips from the Pros: March Homeowner’s Lawn Care Guide

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on March 7, 2016

    It is officially March and that means spring is right around the corner. There are a lot of changes that your lawn will go through as the snow melts and the grass begins to wake up from its March_Home_Owners_Guide-1.jpghibernation. It is important to know how to protect your lawn and get it to its green, luscious, look that it was prior to winter, while avoiding common spring lawn care mistakes. That’s why the Weed Pro professionals put together a Homeowner’s Lawn Care Guide for each month of this new lawn care year to help give you the beautiful lawn you’ve been dreaming of.

    Step One: Look for damage- Walk around your lawn and look for areas affected by snow mold or areas where grass is matted down.

    Step Two: Clean up- Remove leaves that were hidden by the snow over winter and other debris from lawn and landscape beds.

    Step Three: Watch what tools you use- DO NOT hard rake matted down grass, just use your blower or simply mow the lawn. If you are mowing the grass, allow the circulating mower blade to lift the matted grass.  Repeat this for a few weeks.

    Pro tip: Nearly 100% of matted grass will naturally grow out and be trimmed off by mower.  Hard raking will cause more damage than necessary.

    Step Four: Start preparations- Get your lawn mower ready by sharpening the mowing blade. This is very important, because a dull mower blade causes poor turf health.

    Pro tip: Mow lawn at highest setting or 3-3.5 inch length.

    Step Five: Find areas that need reseeded- Identify bare spots in lawn and seek advice to reseed these areas. Bare spots or exposed soil areas have a higher probability to fill in with weeds.  Crabgrass and other weed seeds will take advantage of bare areas so it is important that these areas get seeded to discourage weed growth.

    Pro tip: Areas along concrete or pavement, as well as areas adjacent to landscape beds, are more likely to get weeds because of trimming or edging done in the early spring which exposes soil, making it an ideal place for weeds seeds to germinate. So pay close attention to these areas to prevent weeds.

    Want the next steps for your lawn’s care?

    In lawn care, being late can mean the difference between a beautiful lawn, and one that is full of weeds. That's why we've laid out step-by-step everything you need to know when it comes to lawn care material and when to apply it. The best part is that this guide is yours, absolutely FREE by clicking on the link below.

    March Homeowners Lawn Care Guide



    Gwyn Dubel

    Gwyn is Weed Pro's Inbound and Social Media Intern.

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