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    Top 5 Lawn Care Options in Hilliard

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on February 24, 2016

    Finding the right lawn care provider can be a difficult task. In the historic and growing city of Hilliard, OH there are lots of great Top_Lawn_Care_Companies_In_Hilliard-1.jpgoptions to care for lawn’s health. Here at Weed Pro, we want to make the search as painless as possible for you; so, we narrowed it down to five lawn care providers in the area to help you find the right lawn care professional for your lawn’s needs.

    Buck & Sons Landscape Service, Inc.

    With over 45 years of service to the Central Ohio area, Buck & Sons is a full-service landscape installation and maintenance company located in Hilliard, Ohio. They offer award-winning services for both homeowners and commercial services. In fact, Buck & Sons is an unprecedented seventeen-time State of Ohio Award winner in Landscape Maintenance Unlimited. Check out some of their projects on their gallery.

    NexGreen Lawn Care

    NexGreen serves not only the central Ohio community, but also Detroit and Maryland. They offer the “NexGreen Promise” that you will have a thick, green, and weed-free lawn through utilizing their bio-nutrient supplements. These supplements increase plant uptake while reducing the quantity of fertilizer and pesticides needed to maintain your lawn. Other benefits of the bio-nutrients include improving root density and cell wall thickness to build drought tolerance and defense against insects and diseases. To learn more about the bio-nutrients and the local Columbus office, check out their website page.

    Wood Landscape Services, LTD

    Founded in 1990, Wood Landscape Services offers quality service to its customers in the areas of landscape design, installation, and maintenance. They have also received many impressive recognitions and awards for safety, design, and innovation. In addition to their many accolades, they have also been recognized in lawn care magazines and on local stations. Wood Landscape Services is a trustworthy source for landscaping expertise and care.

    Deep Green Lawn Care

    Members of the Ohio Turf Grass Foundation, Deep Green Lawn Services offers a full-range of different lawn care services for residents in Central Columbus, including fertilization, weed control, grub control, core aeration, over seeding, and perimeter pest control. Deep Green is part of Mutters Lawn Care Service Companies, a family owned company that is owned and operated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

    Weed Pro Lawn Care- Columbus

    Found in both Columbus and Cleveland, Weed Pro has a great focus on saving you green while going green all over Ohio. With their Water Less program, you can reduce your watering by 50%. In addition, they also have great organic options for your lawn through Holganix lawn applications. By helping the earth, you can save money and help your lawn grow more luscious.

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