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    Top Four Landscape Trimming Tips

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on April 25, 2016

    Shrubs, bushes, trees- oh my! Your yard isn’t all about turf grass Top_Four_Landscape_Trimming_tips.jpgand flowers, give your landscape that surrounds your lawn some love this spring season. They do need some upkeep, so it can be sometimes hard to balance taking care of landscaping with your lawn, but Weed Pro has you covered with the top four tips and tricks on trimming to keep your lawn looking its best.

    1. Remember the four D’s when it comes to pruning bushes- Start with the dead and damaged branches, because they encourage rot and disease and not to mention, make the plant look bad. Then cut out the dried, or otherwise diseased, branches to stop the disease before it spreads. Finally, “deranged,” these are branches are the branches that point in odd directions and look out of place with the bush. Remember, Dead, Damaged, Dried, and Deranged when pruning this spring. For more information on pruning bushes, check out this resource.
    2. Don’t forget the beds and borders- Rake around the bushes and trees to remove any decaying leaves that could spread diseases. This will help your plants become healthier and enable new turf grass to grow around them.
    3. Do your research- Trimming and pruning your trees and bushes can be very instrumental to giving them a healthier life and aiding in their growth; however, if done incorrectly, you could be severely hurting your plants. For more information on when to prune and how to do it, click here.
    4. Angles are everything- Whenever you’re pruning you are going to want to make sure you cut in a way that doesn’t leave the branch open to dry out or to rot. For more information on making sure you’re making the right cut, click here.

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    Gwyn Dubel

    Gwyn is Weed Pro's Inbound and Social Media Intern.

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