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    Top Four Patio Furniture Buying Tips

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on May 16, 2016

    Your backyard will be the prime location for all parties, family Top_Patio_Furniture_Shopping_Tips.jpggatherings, and cookouts this summer. Make sure your family and guests are comfortable and enjoy being outside by cleaning off your old patio furniture or with some new patio furniture. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with buying patio furniture, but Weed Pro is here to help with the top four patio furniture buying tips.

    Pay attention to the material- You are going to want to know what type of material to buy for your patio furniture. This usually depends on three things: your area’s weather, amount of care required and how it looks. Especially in Ohio, you want a material that will stand up to the weather conditions, like wrought iron that can last for a very long time and withstand extreme heat and moisture. In addition, some materials like, aluminum, teak, or resin do not need too much care. Resin is also very durable and comes in many different colors.

    Know your budget and look for deals- Don’t break the bank buying new patio furniture, but buy the best furniture in your price range. You have several different options if you are looking for nice and inexpensive patio furniture. Consider materials that are a little cheaper, like resin, aluminum, or inexpensive woods. Check out yard sales or thrift stores, you will be able to find bargains on good, quality pieces that will be a great staple at your next party. Later in the summer, you may want to start planning a little earlier as patio furniture becomes far less expensive by the end of July and early August as fall approaches.

    Comfort is key- You want to make sure your patio furniture is comfortable before you make the investment. Adding pillows or cushions are great options to add comfort to any piece of patio furniture. If your chairs don’t come with cushions, they are easy to purchase or make yourself. To keep your pillows and cushions nicer longer, make sure you store them away in rainy weather and especially in the cooler months.

    Size and shape do matter- Before you even look at pieces, you need to measure and know two spaces, your patio where the furniture will be during the summer time and the space you have to store the furniture in the winter. Knowing these two spaces will make shopping and buying furniture easier, because you know exactly what will fit.

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