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Top Tips on Storing Patio Furniture

With the weather slowly getting colder, you find yourself spendingStoring_Away_Patio_Furniture.jpg less and less time outside. It is now time to start thinking about storing away your outdoor furniture and shutting down your patio for the season. It is important to store your furniture away correctly as it will save you time, money, and frustration when it comes time to dust it off for next year’s summer parties. Weed Pro has the top tips and tricks for you to store away your patio furniture.

Location is Key- Make sure the space that you will storing your items is safe and dry. This will help protect them over the long winter.

Big in the Back, Small in the Front- The way you place your items in storage is important. Place the larger items in the back and then fit the smaller items in the front.

Disassemble if Possible- If you can, try to break down some of your larger pieces of furniture. This will save space in your garage. In addition, make sure you place small items like nuts and screws in a bag and tape them to the underside of the larger pieces to keep everything together.

Not All Furniture Is the Same- This may go without saying, but your different types of patio furniture need different types of care. From wicker to metal to cushions, this article has a good breakdown on how to take care for your different types of furniture, click here.

Clean Before Your Store- Your furniture gets a lot of use, make sure you clean them before you put them away to avoid a buildup of mold or disease.

Handle With Care-  Your patio furniture was an investment. Make sure you are handling your furniture with care to avoid any careless destruction.

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