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Top Ways to Protect Your Lawn from Disease

There are numerous preventative measures that you can performways_to_protect_your_lawn_from_disease.jpg to protect your lawn. This is the time of the year where the weather fluctuations put your lawn at high risk for disease. Let Weed Pro help you prepare for the changing of the seasons with these top ways to protect your lawn from disease this fall.

Blend together- By using a blend of disease resistant grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass cultivars for overseeding you can reduce the need for chemical applications of disease control. This will need to be done over a period of a few years to be effective. For more information on selecting grasses to help fight disease, check out this article.

Know How to Mow- You want to make sure you are mowing the right height especially during the last couple months of mowing. If you mow too short, this makes the plant weak and susceptible to infection. Most grass should be cut to be about 3-4inches high. In addition, no more than a 1/3 of the grass height should be cut at one time.

Aerate Your Soil- It is said over and over again, but aerating your soil has many benefits when done at different points in the year. For more information on aerating your soil, click here.

Fungi isn’t Fun- Fungi aren’t an enjoyable thing to deal with. Do not be afraid to apply fungicide as needed to control lawn disease, such as brown patch and dollar spot. You can apply a fungicide at any time on your lawn, just make sure to follow the directions on the label.

Water better and smarter!

Having a healthy lawn starts with a well-watered lawn, but don’t just water, water smart. Our Summer Drought Watering Guide can help you save water by watering your lawn more effectively. This also helps you to fight lawn disease. Download it by clicking below: