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Warmer Weather and What That Means for Weeds

It’s no secret that this past winter has been abnormal and the Warmer_Weather_And_What_That_Means_For_Weeds.jpgwarmer temperatures through March mean that this April will be no different. So what does that mean for our lawns and weeds? Well, Weed Pro has all of your questions answered and more!

How has the warm weather this winter affected our lawn?

The warm weather spells that we’ve had the past winter have caused many perennial plants, like Hostas and Day Lilly’s, to start growing early. These plants have already been growing 1-2 months already. However, the frost and colder weather over the past couple of months have left some damage to the leaf tissue, but the effects of the warm weather on the perennial plants can still be seen in the picture below.


What does this mean for weeds?

You can notice now that weed growth in landscape beds have started very early and this is a sign that weed growth in the lawn will start early as well. Crabgrass, and other weeds, will germinate when soil temperature reaches a consistent 55 degrees for about a week. Since the soil this past winter did not freeze over for an extended period of time, soil temperatures are already, on average, much warmer and will reach 55 degrees much sooner this year. Typically Cleveland hits the consistent 55 degrees soil mark near the beginning of May and Columbus, at the end of April, but that timeline has advanced greatly this year.

What can we do to protect our lawns from weeds?

One option is to seek professional help especially with such an unpredictable season that we are expecting. Because crabgrass is a very common problem in lawns, through Weed Pro’s programs, we apply a material that helps control outbreaks during round one of our plans. In addition, we apply a pre-emergent crabgrass protection during round two. Weed Pro is prepared to adjust to the needs of your lawn and for that reason, has started round one applications almost two weeks earlier this year. For more information, please check out our prices and plans page.

Want the next steps for your lawn’s care?

In lawn care, being late can mean the difference between a beautiful lawn, and one that is full of weeds. That's why we've laid out step-by-step everything you need to know when it comes to lawn care material and when to apply it for the month of April. The best part is that this guide is yours, absolutely FREE by clicking on the link below.

Free April Lawn Care Guide