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    Weed Focus: Oxalis

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on June 15, 2016

    These pretty yellow flowers can be seen peeping through your Weed_Focus_Oxalis.jpgturf grass throughout the summer season. Make sure not to let this aggressive perennial weed ruin your summer fun. It is important to know how to predict, spot, and control oxalis, also known as yellow oxalis or oxalis corniculata. This is why oxalis is our weed focus this week. Read on to learn more about this dangerous weed!

    Where to find this weed?

    This weed can be found in a wide range of locations due to its adaptable nature. It thrives in both sun and shade, as well as bare and thick areas of grass, making it a hard weed to avoid.

    How to identify it?

    This weed is easily identified by its green, clover shaped leaves and iconic yellow flowers. This weed spreads its seeds quickly and the seedlings start off as a single taproot. This taproot soon develops into a spreading, shallow, knitted root system. The tiny yellow flowers give the weed an even more deceiving look as they are actually elongated capsules that can shoot seeds as far as six feet.

    How to control Oxalis?

    To control this weed, the best way is to catch it early and dig out the small plants. Professionals also recommend to water your lawn deeply, but infrequently, to keep your lawn vigorous and provide competition. This will discourage oxalis as frequent light watering can encourage the shallow-rooted weed.

    Another way to protect your lawn is by using a pre-emergent herbicide on turf and around ornamental plants listed on the label of the herbicide. You can spot-treat oxalis in garden areas, such as landscape and garden beds, with a chemical called glyphosate.

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    Gwyn Dubel

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