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    Weed Focus: White Clover

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on May 18, 2016

    White Clover is a flowery weed with looks that can be deceiving;Weed_Focus_White_Clover.jpg the White Clover weed may look soft and delicate which is why many people purposefully plant this weed, but underground, its roots can be causing a lot of harm to your turf grass. Getting rid of white clover once it is established can be tricky, but with Weed Pro’s help, you can get the green, vibrant, and weed-free lawn of your dreams!

    What is White Clover?

    This perennial, or a plant that grows for more than two years, grows very close to the ground. White clover is pretty easy to spot with by its leaves that grow in sets of three leaflets. Each of the leaflets are teardrop shaped with a reddish stripe across it. The flower portion of the clover is white and spiky with a brownish green center. This weed also grows in a creeping manner that will develop roots where ever the stem node touches the ground.

    What areas do they prefer?

    White clover can grow in many different places, but is typically found in sparse lawns where the competition for grass is weak. This weed prefers areas where the soil is poor, lacking nitrogen; White Clover thrives in areas that are poorly drained or are too shady for a conventional lawn.

    How do I get rid of this weed?

    The best way to prevent clover is having a healthy lawn and laying down a thick bed of mulch. You can also control clover by either pulling it out by hand or using a herbicide. For more information, check out this resource.

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    Gwyn Dubel

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