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    Bang for Your Buck: How Weed Pro Trumps Lawn Doctor

    Posted by: Robert Palmer on January 29, 2019

    Both Weed Pro and Lawn Doctor are recognized for the high-quality lawn care services they provide backyard-landscape-maintenance across the Ohio area. But when you compare packages between the two businesses, you’ll see that an investment in Weed Pro delivers an added value in certain areas.

    Before we get into where these differences lie, we’ll provide you with some background about both of these local lawn care companies and the types of services they provide.

    Get to Know Weed Pro

    With headquarters in Lorain County—and branches spread across Greater Cleveland, Columbus Metro and Cincinnati areas—Weed Pro is a lawn care provider that understands the challenges of Ohio lawns and what it takes to address them. Founded in 2000, our company is comprised of technicians who are certified by the state of Ohio and passionate about helping lawns look their best. This has led to thousands of satisfied customers.

    In an effort to create the best customer experience, Weed Pro makes flexibility a priority. Not only do we offer free touch-ups between weed treatments, but we also give customers the ability to modify services at any time to ensure their expectations are met, as well as cancel them in the case that they are moving or based on other needs.

    While weed treatments are one of the primary services that Weed Pro offers, there are many other services we provide. The list includes:

    • Lawn fertilization and weed control
    • Lawn aeration and seeding
    • Insect and grub control
    • Commercial lawn care
    • Tree and shrub care
    • Home perimeter pest control
    • Flea and tick control
    • Lawn surface insect control

    Get to Know Lawn Doctor

    Since its first franchise opened in 1967, Lawn Doctor has helped homeowners maintain the health and beauty of their outdoor space. With more than 50 years of experience under their belt and access to high-quality lawn materials and equipment, the business has delivered lawn care success and earned a high customer retention rate.

    Headquartered in central New Jersey, with branches covering the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati areas, Lawn Doctor has made a name for themselves as a lawn care provider that puts the customer first. If unsatisfied with treatment results, the team will return and apply an additional application at no extra charge or refund the cost of the previous application.

    In terms of lawn care services, Lawn Doctor offers an extensive list as well. They include:

    • Lawn fertilization
    • Weed control
    • Aeration
    • Power seeding
    • Tree and shrub care
    • Mosquito control
    • Tick control
    • Special event mosquito sprays

    The Added Value Weed Pro Brings to the Table

    While Weed Pro and Lawn Doctor share many characteristics, there are some contrasts between the two. One of the biggest differentiators is the breakdown of their lawn care packages—an area where Weed Pro delivers more bang for your buck.

    At Lawn Doctor, you’ll find annual lawn care programs that are broken down by fertilization and weed plans, mosquito control plans and tick control plans. Each plan includes a combination of regular treatments (the number of which are based on homeowners’ needs) to keep lawns healthy and green.

    At Weed Pro, you’ll find three different lawn care plans available that combine routine weed and feed treatments, crabgrass preventer and plenty of added bonuses. Whereas smaller plans include half-price grub control and a free flea and tick application, larger plans include a free root stimulant application and $5 off the normal weed and feed application rate. (Note that further add-ons like fall aeration and tree and shrub care are available, with costs broken down by a single application.) With these discounted and free additions to lawn care plans, customers are bound to see a bigger return on their investment in professional lawn care services.

    Interested in working with Weed Pro for your lawn care needs? Contact your local provider today for details.

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    Robert Palmer

    As the owner and president of Weed Pro, Rob Palmer is committed to helping Ohio properties look and feel their best. With years of experience in the field and a passion for helping property owners, he offers useful lawn care insight and advice on the Weed Pro blog.

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