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Weed-Pro vs. Home Joe!

As America gets ready for the big fight tomorrow night in Las Vegas, you are going to hear a lot about the tale of the tape between the two big fighters. In honor of the fight, we did our own tale of the tape comparing Weed-Pro with the “Homeowner Joe”. Find out the shocking comparison and who would win this fight of the century!

For our tale of the tape, we compared the costs of our own services with what it would cost to do-it-yourself. We looked at Scotts 4-step program plus grub control and liquid weed control (since the last two steps of that program do not include either). All products and prices were based on 15,000 square feet. Certain products, such as Scotts GrubEx, are not available to buy in 15,000 square foot sizes and therefore you would need to buy more product to cover your entire yard.

Take a look at the results in our infographic below:


Additionally, the prices shown DO NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT the fact that if you're "Homeowner Joe," you need to apply the product yourself.

You can find the Scotts 4-step program, grub control, and liquid weed control on their website here.

So in the long run, it is actually much cheaper to use a professional service such as Weed-Pro for your lawn maintenance. Not only will you be saving money on the products, but you will save a ton of your own time and energy! Interested in learning more? Get a free estimate today! Just click below!

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