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Westlake Lawn Care Review- James N.

Weed Pro is proud of the relationships that we have built with ourWestlake_Lawn_Care_Review_James_N.jpg customers over years and contribute part of the success of our company to our great customer service. But don’t just take our word for it, we reached out to our customers to hear what they think of their service with Weed Pro through our customer testimonials. This week we caught up with James N. from Westlake, OH to talk about his relationship with Weed Pro.

Proven Commitment to Your Lawn

James first bought his home in Westlake when it was newly built and a local landscaping company, Green Impressions, graded the property. They also installed the irrigation system and planted the grass. To maintain their work to the lawn, Weed Pro was part of the packaged deal. As a customer now for two seasons, James explains that “after the initial service period, I decided that it made sense to continue with Weed Pro.”

The Personal Touch

As a customer since last summer, he says he is happy with the personalized service and is glad that he continued his service with Weed Pro.

Like with many customers, it is our qualified technicians who offer great service and expertise that makes the big difference when working with Weed Pro from with other lawn care companies.

"Stefan expertly explained the service he was performing today and offered helpful advice," said James N. to our office after Stefan, his lawn can technician, serviced his Westlake lawn.

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