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    White Clover is Expanding in Lawns - How to Control This Invading Weed

    Posted by: Jennifer Dombeck on May 22, 2017

    how-to-control-white-clover-in-lawn.jpgAlong with dandelions, white clover is a weed that almost everyone can identify in their lawns. Unfortunately, gaining the upper hand over this weed can prove difficult! As Dr. Kevin Frank, of Michigan State University's Plant, Soil and Microbial Science Department, notes in his article "White Clover Exploding In Lawns":

    "At this point in the year, we have had more than abundant rainfall, and relatively cool temperatures resulting in vigorous turfgrass growth. The growing conditions are likely resulting in fertilizer applications not lasting as long as usual and creating a perfect opportunity for white clover to invade."

    So, we have a bit of a perfect storm here, the rain and cool weather are causing our grass to grow very quickly! And we are tempted to lower that mower deck and cut the grass a little shorter, so we don't have to mow EVERY DAY! But, removing too much turf grass at once weakens your lawn, and makes it vulnerable to weed encroachment, particularly white clover.


    • Fertilize properly, so that you encourage thick, dense turf grass and discourage clover growth. To do this, you should first start with a simple soil sample test. You can find easy, inexpensive DIY instructions here
    • Once you've completed your soil sample test, follow these tips on fertilizing your lawn, keeping in mind proper clean-up!
    • You may also find it necessary to apply an herbicide to white clover to gain control over it. Though you'll find best results from Fall applications, Summer applications can be made with good result in home lawns if they contain the active ingredients fluroxypyr, triclopyr or quinclorac.


    What should you do next in your lawn? Where should you focus your energy?

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