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Spring Weed Spotlight: Wild Onions and Garlic

Have you noticed any odd weeds in your yard lately? There's a good chance that they might be wild onion or wild garlic. Dr. David Gardner of the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at the Ohio State Univeristy explains what they are and how to control them!

In the video, Dr. Garnder talks about how these not so common weeds have been known to pop in yards in the early spring. He also talks about some best practices when it comes to getting rid of them and keeping them out of your yard.


The Ohio Turf Foundation has some great tips when it comes to controlling weeds and maintaining your lawn. Lawn care professionals also have abundant knowledge in these areas. After all, they are trained and certified through programs such as the ones at Ohio State. Learn more about lawn care professionals and what you should look for when deciding to hire one in our free hiring guide! Download your free copy now!

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