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Yellow Lawn? Find Out How Long You Need to Water Your Grass!

how_long_to_water_your_lawnAs we wrap up the spring of 2014, the weather in Cleveland and Columbus resembles July, more so than June. The hot and dry weather has taken a toll on all of us, especially our lawns, with our grass yellowing from a lack of moisture. But how much rain do our lawns really need? Furthermore, how much do we need to water our lawns with our sprinkler systems? We dive into the research and provide you an answer in today's blog:

2013 Worse Than 2014?

Lack of rain was the headlines in 2013, and will soon be the headlines this year too, unless June turns around quickly. According to The Weather Channel, the following information represents the current amounts of rainfall, June average, and totals for June of 2013:

City: June 2014 Rainfall Ave. June Rainfall June 2013 Rainfall
Cleveland 1.62" 4.01" 7.91"
Columbus 2.11" 4.03" 4.46"

While Columbus is on pace to hit the average June rainfall, Cleveland is well behind. Additionally, 2013 was above average for rainfall. With these totals in mind, how much water does your lawn need?

How Much Water Does My Lawn Need?

On average your lawn needs 2-3" of water a week during times of infrequent rainfall, like this June. So, if we're averaging 1 inch or less of rainfall a week, we need to help our lawn out with the other 2 inches. To figure out how long you need to run your sprinklers to provide your lawn 2 inches of water, use this formula provided by Lowes and other leading experts:

Square Footage of Your Lawn (by 1,000s) X .623 = Gallons needed to equal 1" of Rainfall

so, for example:

5,000 sqft X .623 = 3115 Gallons

3115 Gallons / Lawn Sprinkler 12 Gallons a Minute = 259 Minutes (4 1/2 Hours)

The average sprinkling system puts out 12 Gallons a minute, meaning that you need to water each area of your lawn for 259 minutes a week, or 4 1/2 hours a week to equal 1" of rainfall.

Isn't That a lot of Water?

I know you're asking yourself, "Gee whiz, that sounds like an awful long time to water my lawn."  While it may seem like a long time, it makes sense once it's put it in perspective. Consider that earlier this spring when a large storm hit our area we experienced massive flooding of our rivers and streets because we received 2" of rainfall over the period of a half hour. While 2 inches of rain doesn't sound like a lot, we know first hand from that day it is. Another way to think about how much 2 inches of rain is in a 1000 square foot area; it's 1240 gallons of water, or enough water to fill up a 5' wide x 10' long x 5' deep swimming pool!

Need More Help With Watering? Get Our Guide!

Droughts can take a toll on your lawn and landscape. During this period of little rain, you have to help mother nature out by providing the proper amount of water. As we learned in this article, 2-3" of water is a must for your lawn during these dry periods, however there are other tips an tricks for proper watering. Don't worry, we've got you covered with our handy-dandy watering guide, yours absolutely free by clicking on the button below!