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    Your Spring Lawn Care Shopping List

    Gwyn Dubel
    Posted by: Gwyn Dubel on February 22, 2016

    It might not seem so now, but the spring season is fast Spring_Lawn_Care_Shopping_List.jpgapproaching. Weed Pro has many articles to help you with all of your spring lawn care needs on our blog. One way to help make your lawn look the best yet is by knowing what key products your lawn needs to ensure your lawn is green, healthy, and vibrant. Weed Pro has put together a list of products that you should have on your spring shopping list!

    Here are some important products you'll need to put on your Spring shopping list:

    • Spring Lawn Fertilizer with Crabgrass Preventer – Crabgrass seeds germinate early in the summer, protect your lawn while providing a nutritious mixture to help your grass grow. Be careful when you spread this product on your lawn, and refer to our FREE lawn care calendar on the proper time to apply this.
    • Liquid Fungicide & Leaf Rake – Snow mold is a common issue seen in Ohio lawns during spring due to the amount of snow cover we get. Snow mold is a fungus that grows in your lawn underneath the snow pack. The lack of oxygen and damp conditions cause this fungus to thrive. You'll want to apply the fungicide on the affected areas, and lightly rake them.
    • Pre & Post-emergent Weed Control - planning ahead for your second application is never a bad thing. That's why you should stock up now on liquid weed control to apply to your lawn. Liquid weed control is often chosen more often than granular due to the product sticking to the plant itself.

     Where To Buy The Products

    Now that you have your shopping list, you have to purchase the products. The first place that many homeowners think to go when shopping for lawn care products is the local home improvement store; however, the best place to shop for professional grade lawn care products is a wholesale landscape supply and distributor. Lesco brand products are commonly used by professionals and can be found in chain stores such as John Deere Landscapes. There are some manufacturers who will sell their brand in your local home improvement store, but it will not be of the quality that you would find in the wholesale landscape supply and distributor. Quality products makes a true difference in the overall look and health of your lawn.

    Want the next steps for your lawn’s care?

    In lawn care, being late can mean the difference between a beautiful lawn, and one that is full of weeds. That's why we've laid out step-by-step everything you need to know when it comes to lawn care material and when to apply it. The best part is that this guide is yours, absolutely FREE by clicking on the link below.

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    Gwyn Dubel

    Gwyn is Weed Pro's Inbound and Social Media Intern.

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