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    Lawn Care Services Columbus Ohio


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    Caring for your lawn involves more than just occasionally spraying for weeds. Your yard, with the grass, soil, shrubbery, and trees, is its very own ecosystem. At Weed Pro, we approach lawn care holistically, focusing on the overall health of your lawn and landscape.

    Cost Effective Lawn Care Solutions

    Many people think lawn care must be expensive, so they try to handle weed issues or insect infestations on their own. Unfortunately, this often ends up being the more expensive route. The Weed Pro team deliver lawn care solutions developed specifically for your landscape. We rely on our expertise to formulate the appropriate fertilizer for your soil composition, the best solution to attack your weeds, and the right kind of spray for the insects in your lawn.

    With this specialized approach, fewer applications are required, saving you time and money in the long run.

    Make your lawn a safe & beautiful space

    Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

    Achieving a lush, green lawn can be as simple as proper fertilization and weed control.  We're experts at identifying the type of fertilizer and weed control that will work best in your yard. 

    Lawn Aeration

    The process of core lawn aeration allowsmoreoxygen, nutrients, and water to reach your grass’s root structure.  This helps strengthen your grass, creating abeautiful, thick, green lawn.


    When overseeding is combined with lawn aeration, your grass has a better chance to grow thicker and stronger.  Overseeding is an excellent solution for lawns with thin or brittle grass. 

    Grub & Surface Control

    Grubs and insects can wreak havoc on your lawn, chewing away at the roots and leaving dead patches of grass in their path.  Our grub and surface control treatments can rid your lawn of pests. 

    Commercial Lawn Care

    Your commercial property’s landscape is the first thing your visitors will notice.  Leave a lasting impression with a beautiful landscape cared for by the WeedPro team. 

    Flea & Tick Control

    Flea and tick control sprays available at the big box stores can usually keep these pests away for a period of time but often do not get rid of them completely.  WeedPro’s flea and tick control treatments can rid your lawn of these pests for good. 

    Home Perimeter Spray

    When you have an insect problem in your yard, it’s only a matter of time before those bugs make their way into your home.  WeedPro’s home perimeter spray attacks pests before they make it into your house. 

    Weed Pro has been providing lawn care for Columbus, Ohio communities for 12 seasons. With our main offices located in Lewis Center, Weed Pro is proud to offer lawn care services to the following communities (and areas in between) out of our Columbus, Ohio Location:

    Berkshire Dublin Huber Ridge Orange Sunbury
    Bexley Gahanna Lewis Center Pickerington Upper Arlington
    Blacklick Galena Muirfield Village Powell Westerville
      Groveport New Albany Reynoldsburg Whitehall
    Delaware Hilliard Obetz Shawnee Hills Worthington

    Lawn Care Professionals in Columbus

    Weed Pro is putting the "Care" back into "Lawn Care." As a premier lawn care services provider in Columbus, Ohio, we care both about the products we apply to your lawn, and who applies them. That's why we use the safest products, and all of our technicians are licensed and trained.

    Hometown Columbus

    Despite its size, Columbus, OH, has such a hometown feel.  We’re always pleased to serve our clients in and around the Columbus area, leaving their lawns green and beautiful.  The next time you’re in Columbus, don't miss out on these attractions. 

    • The Scioto Mile Fountain is a must-see landmark located in the heart of Bicentennial Park.  It’s more than just a fountain – it's thing of beauty and architectural wonder.  Visit with your family during daytime hours and take advantage of the interactive aquatic play area.  Then take an intimate stroll after dark to enjoy the spectacular light and fog effects. 
    • Learn all about Ohio’s past, present, and future at museums of the Ohio History Connection.  This collection of museums tells the story of Ohio from its earliest archeological findings all the way through its cutting-edge contributions to the future of science and technology.  A great experience for adults and children alike, the Ohio History Connection is a wonderful place to learn more about your home state. 
    • For 55 years, the Center of Science and Industry has been a hub for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM.)  Also known as COSI, this Center of Science and Industry is dedicated to exposing its visitor to STEM, providing access to everyone, including patrons of any age and background.  Visit the COSI on your own or as part of a school or church outing. 



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