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    Flea and Tick Control Services in Ohio


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    Protect Your Lawn & Family From Fleas, Ticks & Other Insects

    Ticks and fleas, including the blacklegged tick, tend to live outdoors in your lawn, waiting for their new new host to walk by and attach itself. Protecting yourself with sprays and repellents is one way to help, but also applying a flea and tick control barrier in your lawn where children and pets play can help dramatically decrease your chances of being bitten.

    Using Weed Pro’s Surface Insect Control sprays helps protect your lawn all season from insects like fleas and ticks. By eliminating these pests, this flea and tick control treatment helps preserve the health of your turf while keeping your family and pets out of danger.

    This program can be purchased independently or comes FREE with our standard lawn care program!

    The Benefits of Flea & Tick Control Services

    • Makes the lawn a safe place
    • Avoids potential harm to family or pets


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