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Lawn Care Services and Treatments

Healthy Lawn Plan - Lawn Care Services by Weed Pro

Keep your lawn healthy all-season long with our professional lawn care services  

View our Spring Lawn Care Packages which include the following services:

 Weed and Feed FertilizerProFeed™ is our golf-course grade, granular fertilizer. Our formula is applied every 4-6 weeks during the growing season, for a total of 7 applications.

Crabgrass PreventerNoCrab™ is our preventive crabgrass treatment, included in all three of our star-programs, is guaranteed to keep your lawn crabgrass free all year.

Weed Preventer Treatment NoWeed™ is our multi-approach solution to your weed problem. The weeds that don’t respond to our preventive treatments will be eradicated during a post-emergent spray. Either way, you are weed free, guaranteed—or we will come out and trouble shoot until the job is done.

Grub Control TreatmentNoGrub and Insect™ treatment will eliminate grub and insect activity in one application, guaranteed. We will follow up with you to ensure the job is done, and treat further if necessary.

Lawn Aeration FreshLawn™ Core Aeration is recommended in the spring and fall and included in our organic package. Aeration breaks up soil at the lawn’s roots, providing fresh oxygen and nutrients for maximum growth.  LEARN MORE...

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