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    Protect Your Home with our perimeter pest program


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    Don’t Let Bugs Get Inside Your Home

    Even the bugs that don’t damage your plant life can be a problem. Ants, spiders, potato bugs, Asian lady beetles (those fake ladybugs that bite!) and other creepy-crawlies can get inside through openings around the base of your home.

    That’s where WeedPro’s home perimeter pest spray comes in handy. This treatment creates a shield around your home, stopping new bugs from getting in and killing those insects already crossing in and out of the structure.

    A certified technician will come to your home and spray the “bug doorways” to create an instant and lasting barrier around the house. Six applications throughout the year will keep your home bug free!

    The Benefits of our Home Perimeter Pest Spray Program:

    • Keeps unwanted pests out of your home
    • Takes control of a variety of insects
    • No baits to leave around your home
    • Treatments are on the exterior of the home only

    Home Perimeter Pest Spray Program

    Dealing with bugs on the inside of your home can be a nuisance. You can count on the team at WeedPro to tackle the issue with our exterior perimeter pest sprays!

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