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Water LESS Treatment

Cut Your Water Bill in HALF with Weed Pro's Water Less Treatment!

One application of Weed Pro’s Water Less Program can reduce your watering by 50%. 

How Does it Work?
Tiny granules attract free water molecules out of the air like tiny magnets, converting them into microscopic droplets, delivering mosture to your lawn’s root system for Three Months.

Is it Expensive? 
Average Water Cost SavingsThis treatment is similar to your fertilizer application, and is dependent on the square footage of your lawn. It lasts up to 3 months, is comparable in cost to a regular fertilizer application.

Is It Safe For My Family & Pets?
Weed Pro’s WaterLess Treatment is another one of our safe products, comprised of Humectants, a form of food grade sugar alcohol, and other natural materials.

Lawn Benefits include:

  • Drought Protection
  • Reduced Water Bills
  • Less Lawn Disease
  • Improved Lawn Color
  • Maximizes Your Fertilizer Investment
  • Reduces Hot Spots

Get a Free Estimate on Weed Pro's WaterLess Treatment!
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 *Water bill calculation based on average Cleveland Area Water & Storm fee of $4.80 per 750 gallons, and a residential sprinkler system that uses 13 Gallons Per Minute.

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