Lawn Care Customer Reviews

Cleveland & Columbus Lawn Care Reviews & Testimonials!

Fairview Park Lawn Care Rescue

Marlene R.

Fairview Park Lawn Care Customer

"After my son's graduation party, my lawn started dying and getting weeds. With one application, all my weeds died and my lawn came back better than ever. It was amazing!" 

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Best in Grass: A Sheffield Village Lawn Care Review

Tim Adkins

Sheffield Village Lawn Care Customer

"I used to be embarrassed to have people in my back yard because it was nothing but crabgrass and weeds, now I love to have the whole family over!" 

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Ram Shan: Customer Review Lawn Care Columbus

Ram Shan

Lewis Center Lawn Care Customer

"Weed Pro is the best lawn care provider in Columbus." 

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Beautiful New Home & Ugly New Lawn: Amherst Lawn Care Review

Shawn McGee

Amherst Lawn Care Customer

"Weed Pro has top notch quality service and we would highly recommend them to any owner or business in Cleveland." 

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Delivering Great Lawn Care, Without the Upsells: Elyria Lawn Care

Teri Hayes

Elyria Lawn Care Customer

"Weed Pro Gave us a Great Looking Lawn Without the Hassel." 

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Controlling Difficult Weeds: Columbus Lawn Care Review

Gary Stambaugh

Worthington Lawn Care Customer

"Weed Pro gained control of weeds that had plagued my lawn for years." 

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Weeds & Unwanted Ground Cover: Reynoldsburg Lawn Care

Joyce Vaughn

Reynoldsburg Lawn Care Customer 

"Just give Weed Pro a try and you will see the results for yourself. Walt, my lawn care technician, is always professional and detail oriented."

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